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recount ( study tour at jakarta - bandung )

Date of December, 20th 2007, at 15.00 pm , I went to  school to check in the departure preparation to Jakarta. Sum of the student followed study tour more or less are 400 students, and used the bus, its amount 8 bus, that is EFISIENSI bus.
        At 17.00 pm, we left from SMP N 1 Wates to Jakarta. In bus, I sat with my friend, Eva, in chair number 16 and 17. We got the bus number 1, with my headmaster, Mr. Ngagi Purwanto. I and Eva joked and read magazine together. Lost to, we arrived at the Pelangi restaurant, in Kebumen at 18.50 pm for prayed sholat magrib and plural of prayed sholat isya’, and also dinner. Afterwards, we continued the journey to Jakarta.
        One by one we slept, but I can’t well-sleep, because the road is not good. And, we arrived at Jakarta, at 05.00 am. After check in the lodging, we prayed sholat subuh, take a rest, take a bath and breakfast. After ate, we went to TMII. We only circle the TMII with the bus because TMII is so wide. After satisfied in TMII, we visited the PP IPTEK.
        In PP IPTEK, we learned a lot of matter. Especially about electrics, magnet, balance, axis wheel, and there is also object which fell from outside space. We became more know, because in PP IPTEK, not only theory, but also with physic appliance. Because of the limited time, we immediately went to the museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi at 10.00 am.
        In Purna Bhakti Pertiwi, a lot of object is collected from some state. And we are also entered the special room. The room of Mr . Soeharto. At 11.00 am, we went to Sea World Indonesia. A lot of fish or rareness fish which can be met in Sea World Indonesia. There is also sold doll of form of fish, t-shirt, toy, sticker which have logo of Sea World Indonesia. After that, we prayed sholat dhuhur and lunch.
        And than, we had a good time in DUFAN, my first destination, with Eva, Ana, and Puspa is got up Tornado. But, after came there, Tornado was repairing. We were disappointed. We  reached the Jakarta, but can’t got up Tornado, most game liked by the young people. Because  a lot of game, I, Eva, Ana, and Puspa, got up Kora-Kora, and we screamed loudly.
        Because the game  tended. Wow, it is terrific!. Than, we  got up Halilintar. Game like cart, and have circle of 360 degree. Because confused, we came into Istana Boneka. There, the doll moved by electrics. The doll showed the costume from other state. I, Eva, Ana, and Puspa prayed sholat ashar. After prayed sholat ashar, we take a rest and bought snacks and also drinks. Than, we got up Poci-Poci. Game like a cup and rotate from slowly to quickly, and very quickly.
        We entered Rumah Jahil. There, there are mirror in every wall. We confused the way to out from Rumah Jahil. We followed the other people to out from Rumah Jahil. And than, we entered Rumah Miring. House which like no earth gravitation. I, Eva, Ana, and Puspa entered Niagara-Gara. In Niagara-Gara, my shoe, Eva’s shoe, Ana’s shoe, and Puspa’s shoe is wet, because incurred by water. Than, we returned to  bus, and back to the lodging, to take a bath, prayed sholat magrib, dinner,  sholat isya’. And slept.
        I woke up at 05.00 am is aroused by Puspa. We prayed sholat subuh. After prayed sholat subuh, we walked to encircle the lodging before breakfast. And than, we take a bath, check out, and breakfast. After breakfast, we put the bag to bus. And we went to Bandung. At 12.00 pm, we visited museum Geologi Bandung. And we continued to museum Asia-Afrika, but museum Asia Afika not open on holiday.
        And to change museum Asia Afrika, we went to the zoo Bandung. Oh my God, we like child. We are to the zoo Bandung. There, the place like never been take care. We prayed sholat dhuhur in mosque of zoo Bandung. We continued went to Cibaduyut. There, we confused to chosen a shoe, because a lot of shoes. Not only shoe, but also t-shirt, doll, and peuyeum. I got a new shoe, and I bought t-shirt for my family and my self. And also, I bought peuyeum. We returned to bus, to Simpang Raya restaurant. After ate, we prayed sholat magrib, and plural of prayed sholat isya’. Before we back to SMP N 1 Wates, we bought something for present. At 21.00 pm, we went to SMP N 1 Wates. One by one, we slept.
        Finally, we reached SMP N 1 Wates at 03.00 am, with safe and health. We release our bag from bus baggage. I called my Father to picked  up me. A few moment later, my father picked up me, and I back to home. Although we are  tired, but pleasure. We have the new experience.

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